Monday, August 6, 2007

Fog! Oh Joy! Fog!

Once upon a time, when I lived in San Francisco, I railed against the summer fog. Sometimes in the summer the fog would burn off at about 2:00 and return at about 2:30. It was cool--no, cold-- all summer. When we moved across the bay to Oakland, we'd get somewhat more sun. The fog would burn off sometime in the morning and return by late afternoon. Some summers were better than others--meaning that we got more sun for more of the day. The natural air conditioning worked pretty well most of the summer.

Sacramento isn't like that. Here the sun shines brightly all day, all summer. And it's a harsh, ugly light. It's often too hot to work in the yard after noon. And by 5:00, it's deadly. I'm trapped in the house with the air conditioning. Yuck!

But this morning I woke up to--fog. A good thick layer. It may be foggy well into the afternoon. The light is wonderful--soft and damp--the way it's s'posed to be. Perhaps we'll get a full day or two of this delicious fog before the summer heat returns. Greedy! Greedy!


Anonymous said...

Must have been a huge marine layer to make it inland this far.

annot8 said...

Great beginning! I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Rona Fernandez said...

You remind me of henry. After growing up in San Francisco and living in the ultra-foggy richmond district for most of his life, he's ecstatic when it's foggy in Oakland (which is not often, as you know). I, for one, can't stand fog. Maybe it's all those cold misty days at mercy high school near daly city when I had to wear school girl plaid skirts and freeze.

added you to my blogroll. when u gonna do the same? ;)