Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Unprovoked Attack (War)? I'm Afraid So

I don't know how many of you have been following the government's attempt to turn Iran into the next Iraq--a rogue state with weaponry that could bring us down in a moment, strange people who don't speak English the way George Bush does, sitting on oil they might not want to give to us...

Once upon a time, last year, I couldn't believe that the US would launch another unprovoked attack. After all, it cannot be a surprise to even the most gung-ho war supporter that the attack on Iraq has not gone well. So it seemed improbable that our government would decide to try again. But I think I expected too much rationality, or maybe they've taken the egregious Thomas Friedman's admonition to be a little bit crazy seriously.

Whatever their reasons, it appears that we are being softened up for another war. The talking heads are talking up the dangers we face from Iran. Next we'll start hearing about aluminum tubes, and then we'll see satellite pictures of trucks driving around the desert. Democrats will start scurrying for cover.

I expect the unprovoked attack--oops, war--to be launched in February or March. By then it will be too late to impeach them.

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