Friday, January 4, 2008

"Winter Blast"

Ah, Sacramento! Last night Obama and Huckabee won their respective caucuses in Iowa. In most of the country this was big news. But not in Sacramento. We had a winter storm and the day's news was "All Rain, All the Time." Channel 3 even named their coverage "Winter Blast." And the reporting went on almost all day. (We missed part of it, as our cable was down for several hours.) It went on so long that the reporters were repeating themselves. They must have showed every downed tree in five counties. Except for the one in my front yard. And they'll repeat the whole thing again at 10 and 11.

It was, however, a pretty nasty storm by California standards. Some of my plant pots are knee-deep in fallen leaves and needles. Tomorrow J and I will spend the day cleaning up the mess and trying to rescue the plants the tree fell on.

I did discover that, while Dash hates storms and hid under various pieces of furniture all day, Emma loves storms and spent the day looking out the windows. She didn't like the wind, but the stuff blowing around was really fascinating to her.

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