Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Election

I voted for Kucinich. And no, I didn't vote before he withdrew. After all, he was out of contention from the beginning, so that wasn't really an issue. I just decided that in the primary I'd vote for the candidate I'd rather have. I'm going to have to vote for Obama or Clinton in the general election and know that I'm going to regret it. There's no reason to regret my vote twice.

I've listened to Obama's speeches and can't figure out why he's so popular. He doesn't really say anything except that he's in favor of change. There's a scene in Mike Leigh's High Hopes where the main character is standing in front of Karl Marx's grave at Highgate. Reflecting on Marx's admonition to not just understand the world, but change it, the main character says, "Change what?" Well, that's the question I wish someone would ask Obama. And then how he's going to change it.

Clinton--well, DLC. Isn't that enough?

I struggle to find any reason to support one of them over the other, but I can't find enough difference between them to make it worth the energy. Instead I recognize that come November I will vote for one (or both) of them. Not happily, but I've never been happy with my presidential options, so I'm used to it. Although I do admit to being very slightly excited to be voting for the first woman and/or the first African American to run for President and have a chance of winning. I guess it's too much to ask that I actually like the candidate.

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unlawflcombatnt said...

I'm with you on the lack of choice Democrats have for a Presidential candidate. Like you, I don't understand the mass hysteria about Obama. He has no tangible position on any issue. I'm not looking for someone who can "bring everybody together," I'm looking for someone who is willing to draw a line in the sand, and fight for what they believe in. At least Clinton has the willingness to fight, Obama does not.

I don't like either one of them very much. But I dislike Clinton less than Obama.

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