Monday, October 6, 2008

A Lizard in the Yard

We've had all sorts of critters visit the yard--frogs, possums, racoons, cats--not to mention every aphid and whitefly for 30 miles. And we have lizards living in the front yard. This is the first, though, in the back. We think he was waiting for evening, when bugs fly toward the living room window and he could get an easy meal.

The day after this picture was taken, Dash was caught chasing the lizard across the yard. I grabbed Dash and allowed the little guy to escape. Emma, who is not known as kitty Mensa material, spent a couple of hours waiting near where she and Dash had first sighted the lizard, I guess hoping for its return.

1 comment:

annot8 said...

So the next thing you'll need is a sandbox and a stick so you can capture his image-as-art! Like the Japanese gardens with the rocks and rake.

BTW, You'll have to come over when my white ginger blooms and enjoy the fragrance. I've got two stalks with fat flower buds now.