Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Such Fun

It's been such fun reading the more right-wing pundits work their way through our economic crisis. I mean, it's so difficult to argue against $60 billion for a national health system when the gummit has just blown $350 billion, and you're not quite sure what they spent it on. And then the gummit decides that the $350 billion didn't do much good and they need to spend another $350 billion and you're not quite sure what they want to spend it on.

But they're doing their best to limit the damage, so to speak. There's been a concerted effort to argue that the New Deal policy to enable unionization was, in fact, bad for workers, as it maintained high levels of unemployment. And now Robert Samuelson has made his contribution, arguing that Obama should devote himself to the immediate crisis and leave
issues like health insurance and green industries for some indefinite future. I'm sure that someone probably argued to Roosevelt that he should pay attention to the immediate crisis and leave Social Security to another time. Luckily for us, he didn't listen. And while I expect that Obama would dearly love to offload his more progressive campaign promises, public pressure may force him to come through.

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