Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Would We Say To Our Grandparents?

I suppose it's fun to watch the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats nattering on about the price we have to pay for the stupidity of the bankers, although they don't quite frame it that way. But how can they possibly argue that we should worry about the deficit at this point? Yes, it's going to cost huge amounts of money to bail us out of this mess. Yes, our grandchildren may be paying it off. But what would we be suffering if our grandparents had listened to this kind of tripe? Would we be thanking our grandparents for balancing the budget? Would we be thanking them for suffering a two-decade long depression because they didn't spend more than the balanced budget would allow? I don't think so--we'd be more likely to ask them what on earth they were thinking!

And I've put up a hellebore from last February for those of you suffering from the flowerless months.

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