Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Blooms

I should have cheated and gone out yesterday to take my February bloom pictures. But I didn't, and today was fiercely windy. I've lot a pot, part of a pelargonium and a chunk of one of the flowering maples. And the yard's a mess, of course.

So I ventured out and obtained some really pathetic pictures. That's why I'm going to record what's in bloom and limit the pictorial representations. In bloom: Camellia japonica Nuccio's Gem and White Dove, although the White Dove has just started blooming. Unfortunately the rain has turned the petals of both brown. The azaleas are just starting to bloom; they're a bit late this year. The cyclamen has been blooming since November and still hasn't quit. The hellebores have just started blooming, but they come into full bloom at the end of the month and bloom until mid-April. The bacopa (both lavendar and white) is blooming, as are the violas I planted last month. And the various flowering maples have a few blooms each, but haven't put much energy into blooming yet.

The fancy-leafed violas I bought in September, and which I thought had met their demise this winter, seem to be springing back from the roots, as are the geraniums. While we had odd periods of near-summer this winter, we've also had many frosty nights, and plants that are usually only semi-deciduous (just look like they're dying all winter) lost all their leaves and went into hibernation. But they seem to be slowly coming back to life.

However, spring is not quite here yet. The dicentra that, for the last few years, has put out it's first leaf at the end of January, is juuuust about to put out a leaf--but not quite. And the campanula have a few buds, but not flowers as yet. The same for the various cistus.

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