Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer Cometh

I have blogged before on what I think of summer in Sacramento. It's still "spring," in that temperatures have not reached the triple-digits, but temps in the high 80s indicate that summer will soon reach out and give us all a good smack. I will no longer be able to force J to wear long pants when we go out to dinner. I will not look longingly at my garden chair. I will not think that spending a few hours feeding plants is a pleasant occupation. I will want to be indoors with the air-conditioning on, and will look upon time spent outdoors as an unpleasant interlude between the various temperature-controlled spaces I will inhabit.

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annot8 said...

True - we're trading electricity for heating for electricity used to run fans. But think about the pool - Nick will be opening it in June after maintenance is finished.