Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Cooold

Sacramento is having an unusual cold snap. Lows have been in the mid-20s for a couple of days now, and the high hasn't made it to 50 degrees. Hibiscus has been turning black, bougainvillea shriveling, and even the mandarin orange crop may be decimated. People in colder parts of the country are laughing at us, but we're not used to the cold. We're used to chilly nights (in the high 30s), but we're not used to having the wear coats at mid-day.

There was measurable snow in the foothills. My friend A and her husband drove up to take pictures. You can see the video here. Play it full screen to see the flurries.


annot8 said...

I stitched together a dozen or so very short videos into a movie and uploaded it to YouTube.

PeonInChief said...

M sounded thrilled by the whole thing. I'm surprised that he didn't get out and build a snowman.