Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Administration Moves From Wrong to Pathetic

The NYT reports today that President Obama's State of the Union speech will concentrate on issues important to the "middle class." Well, Obama doesn't understand that the middle class is a relatively small minority of the population. Or that the Great Slump has moved the interests of the middle class into alignment with those of the working class. You know, things like jobs and affordable housing and boring but expensive stuff like that.

It does little good to make it easier to people to save for retirement when the investment vehicles you provide periodically crash and burn. Or that the house you've struggled to pay for isn't going to provide anything like the income you need to retire. And any worker over the age of 50 is precarious--potentially losing the last decent job she or he will ever have.

The Democrats seem to be engaged in intentional cluelessness. The neoliberal "dream" is dead, but the Administration seems intent on trying to bring it back to life, if only in zombie form.

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