Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Story of the Missing Garbage Can

Last Tuesday our garbage can disappeared. J informed me as he left for work that our garbage can was missing and that I should canvass the neighborhood to see if it had somehow ended up at a neighbor's house. I did, and it hadn't. Being slightly paranoid, I was sure that our garbage had been appropriated by someone intend on stealing our identity. So I set about figuring out how to put fraud alerts on our credit files, only to discover that it was time-consuming and expensive. Muttering to myself all the while about why I had to pay money and do work when Experian etc. were making money off my personal information, I then called the city waste management people to get a new garbage can.

Now as the three of you who read my blog know, I'm not impressed by Sacramento as a city, world class or otherwise. One reason for this the the appalling conduct of city agencies toward those of us who rent our homes. If you ever believed that tenants aren't second-class citizens, a few contacts with Sacramento City or County agencies will insure that you know your status--less than dirt. Having had a few such experiences, I steeled myself for my conversation with the garbage people.

But, but, they treated me as though I were a normal person, a citizen with a problem. And, as it turns out, a fairly common problem. It's not unusual for the garbage can to end up in the garbage truck, and the driver doesn't find out about it until they empty the truck and find it. The waste management customer service person actually performed as expected, you know, like a person giving a customer service, and put me on the list for a new garbage can. Then when they couldn't make my delivery when promised, they telephoned to apologize and inform me that the can would be delivered today.

It's here! I guess they're just surprised that tenants use the garbage cans provided, rather than dumping our garbage at the corner.

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