Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Paradox of Choice

I'm searching for a cane. Well, actually I've searched for, found and ordered a cane. I started searching three days ago. I went to and found 3,068 choices. Yes, 3,068! Luckily, some of the products were canes I didn't want--too expensive, ugly, or having a handle in the form of a skull (in plastic). Others were actually decorative walking sticks, not suitable for someone who might need a cane. So I spent a portion of three days on a $25 purchase, and ended up buying one of the first 15 canes I saw.

But aside from folding aluminum and a few adjustable canes, the fixed-height canes were all 36-37". Fine--if you're a 6' man. But if you're a woman, that cane is likely to be way too long. I'm 5'6", which is relatively tall for a woman, and J is going to have to cut the cane down about 3" so that it's the appropriate height. Even the canes marketed to women were too long.

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