Monday, February 14, 2011

In the Zone

My plants from Annie's Annuals arrived on Thursday. Annie's Annuals has all sorts of yuppie plants, most of which are only suitable for the Bay Area, with its mild winters and cool summers. Sacramento winters are colder and our summers are miserably hot, but I try and try and try. I was mostly careful in my purchases--only the impatiens' days are numbered.

And so my arthritic knees and I went outside and, because the weather was exceptionally nice, proceeded to clean up the mess that my back garden had become. Plants that were too far gone, or unloved, were sent to the street for
claw pickup. Other plants were trimmed, tidied and moved about. J was pressed into service for moving heavy pots and cutting back the flowering maples. And then plants received their first feeding in awhile.

But I looked out this morning and decided that I'd overdone it, and that the yard needed some untidiness. Just wait a couple of months...

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