Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kindle or Nook? Continued

Well, I've had a Kindle Touch overnight (from friend A), and I like it--as an additional reading tool. I don't think I want to give up real books--the kind with paper and covers and stuff. And I don't think eReaders are particularly good for art books or landscaping tomes for the same reason I don't like them on computers--the picture quality is nothing like that of a printed book. And now, on to the Nook experiment.

Two things I like about the Nook, as opposed to the Kindle: the option of buttons, in addition to Touch, for page navigation, and real page numbers at the bottom of each page. Both Nook and Kindle sometimes skip pages, chapters etc. with Touch, and Kindle puts "location" on each page, rather than page numbers, so you can spend time figuring out where you were in the book.

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