Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nook Grief

I love my Nook.  But it recently (yesterday) caused me grief equaled only by the grief involved in setting up the wireless connection when I first got it.  J finally solved the problem then, and he did it again.  But what is most irritating is that Barnes and Noble has known about the problem forever and didn't bother to fix it.

The problem was that the latest Nook update won't work with Adobe unless you have an ID and a password.  In the olden days--before yesterday--I got my library books through Adobe and then transferred them to my Nook.  Simple.  Easy.  Even I could do it.  But then I left my wireless on too long and the Nook updated.  (I don't use the wireless unless I'm buying from B&N, as the wireless uses a lot of battery power.)  Then it wouldn't let me get library books.  I had error messages.  There were no books.

I wept.  I screamed.  I tore my hair.  I called to J.  "Fix it," I said, "or I'll never be able to get another book from the library and I'll have to buy them."  J set to work.  He took my computer, he took my Nook, and then magic happened and I was restored to ebook borrowing.  Unlike many people, I did not have to restore my entire library, or re-set everything on the Nook.

But I'm still irritated that Nook didn't solve this problem months ago.

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