Sunday, June 9, 2013

108 in the Shade

Yesterday morning I went out to sit on my patio.  It was 8:30 A.M.  It was above 80 degrees.  I came inside at about 10 to discover (from my weather gadget on my computer) that it was 89 degrees.  We closed the doors.  We turned on the A/C.  We stayed indoors.  The cats stayed indoors.  J went out to obtain necessaries.  He returned.  He did not go out again.

A little reminder spurring me to find a house in the coastal regions.

Oh, last night J and I watched the latest version of Anna Karenina.  Don't.  Really.  Like Mick LaSalle, the reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle, I found myself rooting for the train, as in "oh god, let this be over, where is the train?"  J, in fact, quit watching midway through and started reading to me from the latest Rolling Stone.

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