Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For Emma

Emma died on Sunday afternoon.  She had been very sick for a week, probably with cancer.  She spend that week alternately hiding and engaging in her favorite activities--lying in her sunbeam, having breakfast with Daddy, lunch with Daddy, playing at the computer with Daddy.  She slept in her chair (yes, Emma had her own chair), played with Daddy's shoes and chewed on wheat.  She made her "rounds", going out the bedroom door to the patio and coming round through the living room door.  Repeat.  Repeat.

Her little brother, Dashiell, came into the living room on Sunday evening and plopped down on the spot where she died.  We are all sad.

Emma on a walk around her patio.  Just as I shot the picture, she turned to look at something.

In the winter the sun shines across the bed, providing the perfect spot for a kitty to turn solar energy into inactivity.

Emma on her patio, enjoying more sun.

The second-best sunbeam spot was on the rug, where she could remain in cushioned comfort, while still getting the full sunbeam effect.

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