Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Stupid

I'm always amazed at the dumbness of men.  I mean, what woman would suggest that you could have services for children (housing, health care, education etc.) without having the same for the kids' mothers?  But a university professor actually said this to me once.  I didn't bother to respond.  And how would this happen?  The kids would get the nice, subsidized apartment, but Mom would head off to the homeless shelter, I guess after fixing dinner, helping with homework and tucking the kids into bed.  Is it possible for nearly 50% of the population to be this clueless?

Yes, it is.  And we find another example of this in the current debate over Obamacare. Men seem not to understand their role in making babies.  Now this is a family-friendly blog, so I will not go into great detail about the role of men in conception, but will simply note that their role is critical.  Babies would not be made without them.  And that their medical care plans would include the cost of maternity care is not some "subsidy" to women, but a recognition that not only men, but all of us, have an interest in birthing healthy babies, just as we all have an interest in good roads, sewage systems, and educational institutions.

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