Thursday, March 19, 2015

Race Together

Why do middle class people think they have the right to invade the privacy of the working class?  Why do they ask questions that they'd never ask of other middle class people?  And why do corporate executives think it's okay to encourage their underpaid employees to engage in conversations that are likely to be uncomfortable at best?  And they're worthless.  I mean, what can your local barista do about the systemic racism in our society?  Not much.

And middle class people always think they have a great deal to contribute to the conversation.  They don't.  Really.  Is the African American barista actually going to tell the honky office worker that she is full of it?  Don't think so.

You do not invade the privacy of others by discussing topics other than the weather, the crowdedness of the cafe/restaurant/store and so on.  You may, if Starbuck workers go on strike for higher wages and better working conditions, and win the strike, mention how wonderful it is to have the striking baristas back.

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