Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I'm 54. Yesterday the great J took me for my semi-annual shopping spree at Berkeley Hort. He also allowed me to wander Berkeley's Yuppie Mall, Fourth Street. Then he took me to dinner at the Chez Panisse Cafe (somewhat cheaper than the downstairs restaurant). J got more ideas for citrus salad and will soon be experimenting on me. Today I devote myself to the planting of the new hires and feeding the existing plants. And tonight J is grilling lamb chops for me. And as a special gift, there's some cooling fog here today.

I have an excuse for missing Bloom Day this month. We again suffered a nasty north wind that dried out the plants, the cats and the humans. The plants were forced to suffer it, but the cats and the humans retreated to the indoors. And I took a bunch of pictures later in the week, almost all of which were awful. I present here the few that weren't awful. I seem not to have learned that I need to get up really early and photograph before the sun rises--in that short period after it's light and before the sun beats down upon the yard. Of course, one good thing about a digital camera is that precious resources aren't wasted developing them. And deleting them is a matter of pointing and clicking.

I was appalled to find that President Obama intends to preclude prosecution of CIA operatives for their participation in perpetrating torture during the Bush2 years. While I don't think that the interrogators should be prosecuted instead of those who developed and condoned the "program", I also think that "just following orders" is not a good excuse. Um, Nuremberg.

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