Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The garden has been ravaged over the last week or so, first by stiff north winds that sucked all the moisture from everything--soil, leaves, flowers, my skin. Then we had one nice day, and then rain. Rain is good, except that a lot of the formerly dessicated flowers are now soggy dessicated flowers. But yesterday evening, as I sat stupified in front of the TV, I heard J race out the front door. He returned a couple of minutes later, saying, "Rainbow." I roused myself from semi-slumber and headed out to see, yes, an actual rainbow. Not only a rainbow, but one with a secondary. J took a bunch of pictures, but didn't get the secondary at all. (We have a cheap camera, suitable for the quality of our pictures.)

And here's another view of the same rainbow.

This picture also shows a little corner of the yard that J and I planted, which is growing in quite nicely. We spent a couple of hours laying out the soaker hoses, which involved all sorts of equipment I didn't even know existed. But I will be able to water the entire right side of the front yard at one time with the system J has set up. Very cool. Of course, now that it's rained, I won't need to use it for a week.

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annot8 said...

We saw this rainbow, too - at the library. Check it out here: