Saturday, April 3, 2010


I've always wanted to make a movie along the lines of A Day Without A Mexican--the movie where all Mexican immigrants to Southern California suddenly disappear. But my movie would have all low-income wage workers disappear. All of the people who make the lives of the smug and self-satisfied commenters on articles like this comfortable (perhaps, possible) would be forced to recognize how many of the people with whom they interact every day make very low incomes and are forced to haul out their credit cards for minor unexpected expenses or, for that matter, food and rent.

Suddenly there would be no office clerks, mail room workers, janitors, baristas, retail "associates", customer service representatives, waitpersons, house cleaners, hotel staff, and so on. Perhaps they'd be less smug when they realized how much their lives depended on the low-income workers surrounding them.

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