Monday, November 15, 2010

Adventures of My Cats

Peon has been way too negative lately, so today we will look at the adventures of the cats with the change of seasons. Dash still wants to go out to the patio at first light, but we've told him that the outside temperature must be 50 degrees before he's allowed out. However, on chilly days he comes right back inside and asks that the heat be turned on so that he can park himself over the heater vent. He'll stretch out there for some time, turning himself over as one side gets too warm.

Emma prefers the solar solution to cold and waits for the morning sunbeam to cross the bed. She snuggles against my pillow and enjoys the full-body beam. Then she removes herself to the floor for more solar warming. A good time is being had by all.


annot8 said...

Just curious: why 50 degrees?

PeonInChief said...

Because that's the minimum temperature that keeps my feet from freezing with booties on.