Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tenants Together--Improving Rental Property Around the State

The five of you who read this blog already know about the Landlord Hall of Shame. Some of the nominees are newbies, while others could have been nominees 30 years ago. But who could have known that a nomination could send maintenance crews heading off to make repairs--in some cases repairs that should have been made years ago? Well, that's what happened in Fresno. It helped, of course, that the nomination made the Top Story at one local TV station, complete with video of some of the conditions in which the tenants are forced to live. The very next day the offending landlord sent maintenance crews to begin remedial work.

One note though. Sacramento doesn't have enough nominees. If you live here and your conditions are like this, turn your landlord or property management firm in. Nominate them!

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