Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peon's Ego Fed

Peon was dawdling on the Internet and discovered that she was mentioned (in a footnote) in an academic article on tenants and foreclosure. She was so excessively proud of herself. The article, written by Nicole Gon Ochi, was published in the Winter 2010 issue of the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy. Unfortunately it's only available on Lexis/Nexis. And yes, Peon did pay for a copy. And Peon is mentioned as a source for more information on tenants and foreclosure on a lawyer blog.

Peon will be insufferable for a month. But it raises an interesting issue. The Internet is a great way to provide information easily and cheaply. In the olden days I would have had to draft a pamphlet, print it, and then try to distribute it to those who needed the information. With the Internet I can write it up, and distribute it instantly to anyone with an Internet connection. I can revise it at will. But this also means that any idiot with an Internet connection can do the same thing. I long since gave up trying to stamp out all the incorrect information floating around. It would have been a full-time job.

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