Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday J washed and waxed the car. Today we cleaned out the inside. J did the vacuuming, as he didn't want me wrecking my shoulders hauling the vacuum cleaner around. I then washed all the plastic with Mr. Clean and Armoraled it. The car is 13 years old, so it's never going to be perfect again, but it's in much better shape. J says it smells like a new car. But at least it's not the VOCs outgassing--which is what "new car" smell is.

Spring is springing all over the place. Plants are blooming. The oak tree is leafing out, as are the Japanese maples. One of them, the Bloodgood, sits outside the bedroom slider. At about 8:15 in the morning, the sun shines through the leaves--giving off a red-orange light. Unfortunately I can't get a good picture of it.

J goes to our local farmer's market every Sunday. Along with expensive meat and seasonal vegies, he always brings flowers. This week he brought three bunches--spider mums, alstroemeria, and freesias. It wasn't all that extravagent--he got all three bunches for $10. So I really am worth $10 in flowers!

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