Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Classes

I've checked the Fall Schedule for television classes and have two options--physical geography and geology (an oceanography class). One, both? I took cultural geography in college, so physical geography will be a new thing. I'm not buying the textbooks for either one, as the prices are excessive. When I was in college, the prices were high, but now four classes could cost $6-700 in books. Worse, it appears that textbook writers are issuing new editions every couple of years even though, I suspect, that only four sentences are changed. Yeesh!

Worse, the new e-books can't be returned once they've been activated. That means that a student has to decide whether or not to continue in a class before opening the book. And they cost almost as much as the physical product. Yeesh again!

J took the picture at Wright's Lake. Because of the late snow, there were still lots of wildflowers when we were there on Monday.

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