Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playing on the Internet

It's hot here today, so Peon has been playing on the computer. And here are some tidbits she found. First, the only thing worse than a tenant living next door is a boarded-up building with dead grass.

Then there's the interview with the idiot legislator, Matt Hudson, in Florida, the one who sponsored the legislation that made tenants responsible for the landlord's HOA dues, by allowing the HOA to demand payment from the tenant. Theoretically, and I mean very theoretically, the tenant would be protected from a landlord who tried to evict a tenant for paying the HOA and deducting the sum from the rent. Amazingly, the dude was unable to figure out that tenants might have problems with the landlord. Gee, who could have imagined that the landlord might show up, demanding the rent, and threatening tenants with eviction if they didn't pay? I could, and I did. Indeed, I imagined it the first time I read about the law. But then, Floridians elected a Bush. What should we expect?

And then there's the Florida report on tenants and foreclosure there that suggests doing, well, very little to protect tenants in foreclosed properties. One interesting note is that, of the 15 states that proposed tenants' rights legislation protecting tenants in foreclosed properties, only 3 states passed anything.

Well, maybe our status will improve when it's us or boarded-up buildings with dead grass.

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