Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I don't usually report on my lunch, as I think most people aren't interested.  Not only that, we almost always have simple sandwiches or leftovers at home.  There's not much to excite anyone there.  But yesterday Friend A and I went out to lunch, and Mother's is to be highly recommended.  It's new, so there was a line, but it wasn't down the block.  Some people might be put off by the fact that it's vegetarian (with a few vegan items), but my only objection to vegetarian restaurants is that they try to make things "taste like chicken."  Why?  If you're a vegetarian restaurant, stand up proudly for vegetables.

That's what Mother's does.  There is nothing anyone would claim tastes like chicken.  But there are very good vegetarian dishes.  I had the Capitol Cobb Salad, with avocado dressing (I'd have licked the dish, were that not inappropriate) with various winter vegies and the best falafel I have ever eaten in my life.  In fact, I wished they served falafel as a sandwich or side dish.  Friend A had the Carrot Nut Burger, and her only criticism was that the bun wasn't sturdy enough for the filling, and she had to eat it with a fork.  We also had very good cookies for dessert.

It's a small place, and the tables are close together, so I was able to examine the choices of my fellow diners.  No, I did not ask them for a taste.  But I would suggest that those inclined to try the restaurant order a salad or sandwich, and then share a couple of the small side dishes.  The chicken-fried mushrooms looked particularly good.  And try the lemonade, with a mild infusion of lavendar.

Today I'm having a ham and cheese sandwich on toasted sourdough.

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