Thursday, February 20, 2014

News of All Sorts

I have a reader in Britain.  My reader is a regular reader.  My regular reader must be often disappointed when s/he checks in and finds that I haven't posted for weeks.  I am sorry, regular reader.  I will try to do better.  My regular reader checks in more often than my husband.  My regular reader is more loyal.  I wish I knew what my regular reader wants to read.  I would try to oblige.

Spring has already sprung.  My corydalis have put up their feathery fronds. My geraniums are budding.  So is my lilac, which makes me happy, as a dormant lilac looks like nothing so much as a bunch of dead sticks.  My bleeding heart, which I thought was dead, is not.  I didn't get 'round to cutting back the pelargoniums, and one of them is blooming on the old stems.  I haven't the heart to cut them off.

Matt Taibbi is leaving Rolling Stone.  He was the main reason for reading Rolling Stone. He's the guy who described Goldman Sachs as a "vampire squid" and explained the LIBOR scandal.  They'll probably replace him with more "100 Greatest..." lists.  Hey, people who read Rolling Stone probably know who most of the 100 greatest guitarists are already. Sigh.

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