Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary, J

Thirty-one years ago today J enabled us to save $500 on our taxes (a lot of money to us at the time) and put me on his health insurance. But that meant that he's had to put up with me. I definitely got the better end of the deal.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Peon Right Again

As those you who read me know, I don't give myself a pat on the back unless it's well-warranted. Today is such a day. Last month I noted that while Black Friday might have brought our fellows out in the middle of the night to shop, the overall season would be a bust. My reason for believing this was that, having examined the merchandise on offer, I found it overpriced junk (although I believe I called it "crap"). Well, my fellows have seen the light, and have returned many of their Black Friday purchases. Further they have abandoned the halls of commerce and, I hope, have decided to spend their money on the food and other delights of the season.

Peon Is In A Really Bad Mood

It's not just because she had to endure an Unpleasant Medical Procedure, or because her knees are really bad, or because a Chevy King Cab crashed into her new Mazda, causing nearly $5K in damage. Peon is in a bad mood because she received an email yesterday from yet another tenant who was screwed by a Too Big To Fail American bank.

The tenant made a "cash for keys" agreement with the TBTF American bank, and then borrowed the money to move, moved out his possessions, cleaned the place, and took the keys to the realtor handling the property. The realtor then informed our hapless tenant that no money would be forthcoming, that the bank, having made the agreement, was going to evict the tenant instead.

This is appalling personal conduct, but corporations are not people, and they can be as appalling as they want to be. Local Occupy movements should be picketing their local TBTF banks, American or otherwise, every time this happens. And where are out City Councils, State Legislatures, and state Attorneys General? Hiding in the rest room.