Saturday, February 27, 2016

Clinton and African American Voters

I wonder what makes Hillary Clinton so popular with African American voters.  After all, her husband's Administration brought about the mass incarceration of young African American men and the elimination of welfare, which led to, among other things, the eviction crisis in minority communities.  Worse than that, she has the support of the Wall Street bad actors who gave us the quadruple whammy that took what little wealth the African American community had.

Perhaps the community is more afraid of Trump or Cruz, and can't see Sanders beating them.  But Sanders does much more for the African American community, since any universal program benefits poorer people more than richer people, and what he proposes are universal safety net programs.  Hillary Clinton has argued that economic justice will not eliminate racism, and that's true.  But it sets a base below which we cannot fall--and gives minority communities a fighting chance.  What Clinton offers is compassionate neoliberalism, which is about as compassionate as Bush 43's compassionate conservatism.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Election Entertainment

No, I'm not talking about the possibility that we could end up with Donald Trump as President.  Not only is that slightly scary, but it's really like having a national version of the Weird Uncle at Thanksgiving, and you're just glad all the windows are closed so that no one can hear his rants.

This one is a record, the one Bernie Sanders made when Mayor of Burlington.  It's one of those things that's so bad it's good.  You can listen here, or buy it when Amazon gets more of the CDs.  Yeah, the CD is actually temporarily out of stock.