Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On the Couch

Every so often I develop an enthusiasm for respectability. I think I should do something like owning a house. Luckily the enthusiasm for house-buying passed when I realized that I'd have to spend a bunch more money every month and that it would be in Sacramento. And given the present situation, I've obviously dodged a bullet.

But when we received the shocking news that buying new sofa foam would cost us $200, I decided that we should investigate purchasing a real sofa, you know, the kind with stuffing and leather. So I dragged J to Scandinavian Designs to try out sofas. We sat on all of them. J, who is very organized, made notes. We went home. We talked about it. I changed my mind three times. Then I decided that we should keep the old futon. J had built it in 1985. It was part of what made us who we are. After all, we'd long since switched from black and white to color TV and gotten rid of the brick-and-board bookcases. If we move much more in this direction, we'll be nothing more than, than suburbanites.

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