Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Spring Spring

Spring has really arrived! There are blooms everywhere, new fern fronds, leaves on the trees, and general greening and cheeriness registered by the flora. The plants have requested regular water and I am providing same as regularly as I ever do. I have also been weeding the front yard and am going to encourage the ivy to regrow in the sections I won't plant until next year.

I had to put my ficus out of its misery. I'd put the ficus outside a year ago and it let me know right away that it preferred living outdoors. It promptly grew about a foot, bushed out and cheered me every time I came out the door. The cold weather this winter was a bit worrying, but the ficus seemed fine until recently. Dead branches, dead leaves. And the cause: fungus. There was no hope. Poor ficus.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I have to move them from the camera to the computer.

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