Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kucinich Wins!

I was less interested in the Clinton/Obama fights in Texas and Ohio than I was in Dennis Kucinich's fight to retain his seat in Congress. He had five opponents, most notably Joe Cimperman, who seems to have been supported by every developer and corporate interest in Cleveland, as well as the major newspaper. Of particular interest was the banking interests' support for Cimperman, as Kucinich has proposed a foreclosure rescue plan that would cost the banks and investor groups pots. (That the banks and investor groups deserve to take responsibility for and be accountable for their perfidiousness and incompetence goes without saying, but that they would also seek to avoid this responsibility and accountability is also obvious.)

One interesting note: in his piece in the NY Times on Sunday (sorry, I haven't figured out how to do links yet), Kucinich suggests that the federal government buy up properties in foreclosure and rent them to the foreclosed owners. I'd like to suggest that the government fund an affordable housing program that would buy up foreclosed properties that would then remain permanent affordable housing. That would increase the supply of affordable housing with relatively little effort and, at the same time, protect neighborhoods where foreclosures threaten the stability of the community.

Although maybe we should concentrate on the impeachment of the Vice-President.

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